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My name is Glendaliz — I am the creator of VANA. From conception, VANA has been about inspiring, encouraging, and supporting women to reach their highest potential. The true inspiration behind starting the company was Kendall, my daughter.  Becoming a mom is not something that I talk about often, it happened and turned out to be the greatest blessing of my life.

Having children changes you, or better said it forces you to become the best version of yourself.  May I actually say, it allows you to start looking at yourself, your life and your goals differently.  I took it as an opportunity to allow my creativity and my dreams to start flourishing. You see I always had a vision of being able to make a dent in this world, make a difference, elevate my life and those around me to different levels.  However, like many of us can relate to: life got busy.  Busy with work, life, responsibilities and the things I HAD to do versus the things I YEARNED to do.  Becoming a mom was an opportunity for something new, after all everything is new again at this point right? So why not, why not try it and see where it would lead.

Now — here we are 3 years later after the idea flashed through my mind in the wee hours of the morning after feeding my baby girl. What is VANA? What does it stand for?

VANA is about manifesting our deepest desires and living our most authentic life. It is about self care, self love, mindfulness, and consciousness. We believe in the power of positivity. We believe that each of us is embodied by immense personal power and divine love that provides us with the means to manifest blessings in our lives. We believe that each of us has a divine purpose, a designed journey, and the ability to reach our highest potential. Basically — We are all about positivity, encouragement and empowerment! Striving to share a message of beauty, strength, and empowerment for all women through our products, inspirations, and contributions.

We believe that woman, moms, girls are the force that drives this world.  We have SUPERPOWERS, yes we do! You just have to give yourself the permission and acknowledgement to believe it, because you already have it and use it every day!  See, after I became a mom I realized, really fast how easy it was to get lost in our daily roles that we forget the strength and magnificence we carry within. We give so much on a regular basis that it is extremely easy to forget about “US” as beautiful human beings that also matter.  So today I encourage you to take a moment to remind yourself of all the strength and superpowers you have and to acknowledge them! Be proud of who your are and all you have accomplished!

With Love and Light

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