To some, affirmations may just mean positive words. However, to us here at VANA, they are the vehicle that will lead you to greatness. Affirmations can be a powerful or a detrimental tool — the reason for this is we may not realize it, but we are constantly affirming things into existence. How you may ask? Are you saying I wanted all the bad things that have happened to me? No. You may not have wanted them, however you mentally focused on that one thing (whether it was good or bad) with so much power that it manifested to reality.

When you begin to realize the true power that you carry within, magic begins to happen. An affirmation can be a word, a statement, a dream, a life/career goal, or anything you may want to speak into your life. The most important thing about an affirmation is inducing the true feeling behind it and to take action. Studies show that we have over 50,000 thoughts per day, that is approximately 35 thoughts per minute. Imagine the things we can manifest if we aligned our thoughts, feelings and actions towards achieving the life we really want to live!

For me, affirmations have been so powerful throughout my life, even before I realized I was affirming my desires to the universe. I remember being a kid saying that one day I would attend a university, this was not an easy process. I was first one of my generation to attend and graduate college, while working full time. Another time affirmations worked for me was when I declared that I would obtain a certain job in pharmaceutical, despite my inexperience. The most amazing manifestation for me was when I declared that I would win a Crystal Cruise, fully paid for 7 days, from reaching the top ranking sales position in the company. All of these goals happened for me, exactly in the timing that I desired. All of these goals manifested because I set the intention, affirmed it all the time, believed it was happening, and most importantly — I did the work. I took ACTION! Affirmations will not work, if you don’t feel them, believe in them, and do the WORK.

So today, think about what you want to truly achieve in your life…write it down…imagine what it would feel like to have it right now…and start to do the work! Start showing up and the universe will align all the right steps, people, moments and opportunities to manifest your goals. Create the life you desire — live in VANA!

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