Daily, our thoughts create and weave our reality. With every thought you are affirming and creating your life experience. Thoughts carry the focus of our energy-and that energy affects our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. We have the power to control our thoughts, control our reality, and in turn create the life we desire. It all starts with one affirmation.

What is an Affirmation?

This is a simple question, but it’s not easily answered in a quick definition. Affirmations, at their origin, are statements or proclamations that declare an existence, declare a truth, and are implemented in self-improvement methods to rewire the mind. The power of affirmations comes from your super-powerful subconscious mind that hears your words, then programs your experience and behavior to reflect and give life to them. The subconscious mind is the power center of our thoughts, actions, and the reality we create for ourselves.

Affirmations are more than just repeated statements or proclamations; they’re conceptualizations, visualizations, and emotionally-grounded vehicles that can open and access the magical power of your own creative imagination. Beyond the spoken words you use — what you think, feel, and desire in your heart is what initiates creation and determines your life.

Reaching Beyond Ourselves

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless

– Mother Teresa

Your thoughts are expressions of Universal Consciousness and are therefore more powerful than you may think they are! Affirmations not only affect your personal thoughts, actions, and attitudes — they radiate outside of us to affect the world in metaphysical ways. You’re not separate from the world around you. We are all connected. Everyone and everything in this world is made of the same Divine Universal Consciousness that is living and vibrating inside of us.

The world is truly magical. The more you open to the possibility of magic, embracing your ability to create your reality and focus your thoughts on manifestation, the more you’re able to experience the magic it holds. Remember that the words you speak, with a strong focus and intention, have an effect on the world around you. Grasping the power of your thoughts and words signals the acceptance of a new level of responsibility. A new level of consciousness and understanding that we are all connected.



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