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VANA is about manifesting our deepest desires and living our most authentic life.


At VANA, our mission is to inspire, encourage, and allow women to reach their highest potential. We believe women are a strong force that maintain balance in the universe. Finding, creating, and reaching nirvana is a process of revealing the layers of possibility, embracing our kundalini, and reaching our highest level of consciousness. Our products are infused with positive energy and holistic intent that inspires self love and the essence of magnificence. We create tools meant to enhance the day to day lives of our women in caring for their mind, body, and soul; aiding them in their journey to reaching their own Nirvana.


At VANA, we believe in the power of positivity. We believe that each of us is embodied by immense personal power and divine love that provides us with the means to manifest blessings in life — not just for ourselves, but for the world around us. We believe in expressing gratitude for every day, every person, every interaction, and every breath we experience. We believe in giving back freely and generously to the world, for in the act of giving back we receive all that we need from the universe. We believe that each of us has a divine purpose, a designed journey, and the ability to reach our highest potential. We believe in creating our own Nirvana.

At VANA, our intent is to…

  • Inspire, encourage, and support women to reach their highest potential.
  • Share a message of beauty, strength, and empowerment for all women through our products, inspirations, and contributions.
  • Birth a movement of women overwhelmed with adoration for themselves, each other, and the pursuit of manifesting their dreams.
  • Feed positivity, energy, and love back into our communities to encourage and support the next generation.


The future of VANA is not just about the success of an individual, a company — the future of VANA is a movement. A movement of empowerment and vitality. A movement that reaches every woman, meets her on her personal journey, and supports her as she creates the life of her dreams. This movement is about reaching the highest level of ourselves. This movement is about self care, self love, mindfulness, and consciousness. VANA, the movement, is about manifesting our deepest desires and living our most authentic life.

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